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Our resident Australian Clark Baxter gives us the low down on some of the best video game bars in Melbourne, Australia.

Continuing on our round the world tour of video game bars, we’re going to stay in Australia, but move further south to the always-hip city of Melbourne. Known to lead the charge in all things cool and current, Melbourne makes no exception for the video game bar scene.

Beautiful Melbourne

Beautiful Melbourne

Located in the CBD (Central Business District) on the elusive Flinders Lane, head downstairs to a cool little underground bar called Bartronica. Most well-known for its epic selection of retro video games, including (possibly starring), an original Donkey Kong. If you’re looking for a sweet little inner-city spot to grab a drink, play some rad games, or even join in on a trivia night, Bartronica is for you.



at Bartonica

If you’re looking to stay out of the CBD, head up to the ultra-kewl suburb of Fitzroy, to find the aptly named bar: Pixel Alley.

Boasting an extensive gaming-themed cocktail list, a wide selection of beers, and alcoholic milkshakes, Pixel Alley has something for everyone, with the drink menu leaning on the side of a mix between classic Sci-Fi movies, and the usual suspects of 8+16-bit systems -- including Sonic! The self-professed “barcade” is a great spot to catch up with some friends, grab a couple of drinks, and play some classic arcade games.

Pixel Alley has gaming-themed cocktails, and a suite of retro game machines

Pixel Alley has gaming-themed cocktails, and a suite of retro game machines

Beta Bar in Hawthorn is a little different to the other video game bars mentioned here as it instead is only open on Friday nights. The theme changes every week so keep an eye out on their social media for an event that catches your vibe. Beta Bar encourages the social side of gaming, and could be the perfect place to meet some like-minded mates.

Wherever you end up, Melbourne is a great place for gamers of all kinds. Let us know if you make it out to Bartronica, Pixel Alley, or Beta Bar and have a drink for us!

—Clark Baxter
is an avid retro gamer based on the Golden Coast of the island down under. Claiming emulators, and sims can’t match original arcade games, Clark spends quite a bit of time at Arcades!