Five Gaming YouTubers You Gotta Check Out

by Nicholas Tristan

YouTube Lady (1).jpeg

Okay, sure: gaming online maybe isn’t the absolute best all the time. From slur-screaming Twitch streamers to extreme alt-right personalties dominating YouTube to Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft MINECRAFT…it can be daunting to find the jewels that exist among them. And there most certainly are entertaining, informative YouTubers out there making quality documentaries, gaming journalism, and even streaming. Here are five of my absolute favorites that you’d be remiss not to check out!

5. The Nostalgia Nerd

With an endearingly nasal voice and an absolutely heartwarming passion for games, computer systems, and tech of old — the Nostalgia Nerd will get you to love the intricacies of hardware as much as he does within just a few short videos. I never thought I’d watch a whole video explaining the difference in how PAL and NTSC run video games, but here we are!

4. LGR

This is a channel that definitely has something for everyone — short documentaries on tech from classic PCs to calculators, reviews of classic PC games, Let’s Plays of sim games both classic and modern…all with an enthusiastic and infectious attitude that makes LGR one of the best YouTubers in the gaming scene.

3. Kim Justice

Hailing from the UK, Kim loves old games and especially European ones. If you’re a fan of or interested in learning more about the Amiga or the ZX Spectrum, Kim is your girl. Her documentaries are informative, well-researched, flow like a BBC documentary, and are darn entertaining to boot. Well worth checking out.

2. Super Bunnyhop

Gaming journalists on YouTube are a dime a dozen, but George over at Super Bunnyhop is the real deal. He’s grappled with Konami over Hideo Kojima’s unceremonious exit, broken a fascinating story about Eidos Montreal’s attempts to make a Final Fantasy game, and generally has a grasp of the economics and social policy that goes into video games. He’s curious, even-handed, but doesn’t shy away from calling out gross injustices or shady business practices. He’s a great games critic, of course, but his journalistic and analytic skill make him stand out from the pack. And he lives Metal Gear Solid as much as I do, so…

1. Ahoy

If you’re a fan of documentary films like I am, or if you’ve made documentary films like I also have, you are well aware of how incredibly difficult it is to make sparkling professional documentaries like Ahoy does. His plum, elegant voice lends itself to fantastic readings of his scripts which are terrifically researched and have just enough wry sensibility to keep them from being dry. But its his productions values that set him apart — animation, fluid graphic design in transitions, a distinct and unique colour pallet. He really is something else!