N64 Emulators for PC, OS X, and mobile Devices


Back when I was younger, I wasn’t allowed to have a video game console.
And really in the world of retro games, that wasn’t that long ago.

I would play PS1 + N64 at the house of my friends, and when Halo came out, I was peeved I couldn’t play it.

That ban didn’t extend to computer games. It started off with Treasure Cove, Mario Type, and eventually, DOOM, Quake, Soldier of Fortune, etc. but I always had a sweet spot for the N64.

Thankfully my parent’s finally broke down when Halo 2 came out, and they surprised me with an Xbox for a birthday. Halo 2 was a blast, but multiplayer Super Smash Brothers was too amazing to let go of.


That’s around the time when my friend introduced me to Project64. Plug in two USB controllers, or have a player use the keyboard and boom: you’ve got two player Super Smash Bros on your PC. Back then, they only had a PC emulator, but now it’s on android too!

I was thinking back on this time, and all the great titles I had missed. Golden eye (you can emulate it), SW Shadows of the Empire, Podracer, Mario64, Perfect Dark, Ocarina of Time -- all of these you can play on your PC, or mobile device nowadays!

Now I mostly use iOS and OSX -- so what’s out there?

I found sixtyforce -- an OSX emulator that can play any .n64 file with ease.

Installation is easy, just download it, clear your security settings and you’re off to the races. You might have to hunt around to find the games you want, but they’re out there and the emulation community is strong.

Things have come a long way since back then. Now there’s even a PS3 Emulator!

No longer do you need a console to get in on some of these retro games, and with the GPUs of computers today, there’s hardly any retro game that can’t be emulated